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Lockdown is a Hopeless Life Imprisonment Situation for Wuhan Residents

2020-03-04 21:07
Location: Wuhan, Hubei Date: Feb. 28, 2020 Quarrels broke out at a local community in Wuhan. Local residents argued that the residential lockdown is worse than a life prison sentence and leaves people without hope. Video One Female 1: (I know) it's dangerous. Female 2: Enough, enough. Reducing the outing time is to decrease the risk, do you understand that? What's there to argue about? Can it solve the problem? Video Two Male1: This is a general rule of Wuhan. Not targeting any particular person. Look, this uncle just wanted to buy flour. But we didn't let him go out. Male 2: Let me put it this way. You also know. Policy, what about policy? Shouldn't it abide by the law? Right? Female 3: How is this different from a jail? Male 2: What is Article 83 in the Constitution? What does it say? Personal freedom. Go look at the central document. Female 2: Then our epidemic will get worse. That’s why such a measure is adopted. Male 2: The epidemic is severe, lock down everyone to kill it. Kill everyone in Wuhan. When Wuhan people are all killed, there's no epidemic. The epidemic will disappear if all 10 million people are killed. Believe it or not. I can tell you. When People in Wuhan are all dead, it will be gone. Female 2: Can't talk nonsense like that. Male 2: Yeah, you know not to talk nonsense. You lock it up at home and starve it to death. In my understanding. There are contradictions on both sides. Right? But the constitution says to guarantee personal freedom. Female 3: This is absolutely unreasonable and illegal. Male 2: You set the restriction for a period of time. You restrict a period of 7 days Female 3: It leaves no hope. Male 2: It is 7 plus 7 plus 7 plus 7. An endless addition. What is this pattern? It's a pattern to make up for the dead. There's no way out. For one, the epidemic is not under control. The measure is to restrict personal freedom, To control the outbreak. This is the last resort. But it keeps dragging on again and again. There's only the beginning. But there's no end to it. Can the people accept it? It can't be that in order to control the epidemic, You can do whatever you want. right? We need a reasonable, Suitable, Legal way. To protect people of their given rights and certain interests, In controlling the outbreak. Perhaps if I'm jailed now, It might be better than what it is now. First of all, I don’t have to pay for meals. Because I am in jail. Secondly, the inmates get the mandatory exercise time. Now we don't even get that kind of leisure. Are we given any hope? Can you tell me when the sun will rise? No! You keep saying, The sun is almost up. When? Don't know. We'll see. We are working hard. Working hard to lock us up at home. This is so-called working hard. I don't think so.