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After 13 years of waiting Managing Partner left impressed with Shen Yun's production

2019-03-27 18:07
Mike Slavin is the managing partner of SourceOne Advisors LLC, a consulting firm. He and his wife watched Shen Yun at the Dr. Phillips Center of Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida, on March 16. They expressed their love for the performance and that they will be back every year after. "We have been waiting for 13 years to see this," said Mr. Slavin. "I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought the most fascinating thing, because I deal with technology, was the 3D vision, I don’t even know what to call it, where you merge the reality and the digital experience and they move in and out seamlessly. It was like a grand opera, with the draperies and such the way the characters come out of nowhere. I want to read about this and see this on Youtube, how this works. It is fascinating." "That’s why I enjoyed it so much, because I am in design ... and the show was phenomenal, the costume, the dancing, the beauty, it was all just amazing and stunning," Mrs. Slavin added. Shen Yun's story-based dances are replete with universal values and spirituality stemming from Chinese culture. These stories have inspired audience members and encourage reflection about the world around them. "I think the message is, in any faith, is there‘s a higher power. It’s not us. If you look up in the Heavens, and you see the way things are created, even the small things, there are little things and big things, it all adds up," said Roger Kozlowski the President of Technology Analytics. "So it’s important to [know that] it’s not about us. We have to remember that there’s a Creator, there’s the love, and we should be open to it right? Even when there’s hardship." "I really think you guys do a great job," Kozlowski added. "There’s a lot of effort and a lot of time involved. Their parents should be really proud of them for what they’re doing. It’s not just something that you do. They have to have a love and a passion for what they’re doing." NTD News, Orlando, Florida