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CCP Virus Outbreak in Beijing; 45 People Test Positive from Throat Swabs

2020-06-17 23:26
Starting on June 11, new CCP virus cases were confirmed in Beijing for three consecutive days. The official release of the nucleic acid test results from nearly 2,000 market workers shows that, at Xin Fa-Di Market in Fengtai District, 45 people tested positive for the virus using throat swabs. On June 13, 11 communities were under lockdown, schools suspended, and six large wholesale markets were closed in Fengtai District. In addition, the Health Commission of Liaoning Province claimed that there were two new asymptomatic patients tested on Friday who came in close contact with the confirmed cases in Beijing. On June 13, Beijing officials confirmed a new addition of four new cases of the CCP virus. The nucleic acid tests were performed on 1,940 market workers and 517 of the samples collected at Xin Fa-Di Market. 45 people were tested positive on throat swabs. Also, there is one positive case of the virus at the Farmers’ Market in Haidian District and that person came in close contact with a person at Xin Fa-Di Market. Ms. Wang, a resident in Beijing, said: “I live in Fengtai District and this CCP virus has made everyone scared as hell. The city was down to level three earlier but now there are positive cases in Beijing. Now they are checking everyone in my community, they check your resident permit and they don’t allow non-residents to come in.” On June 12, officials in Beijing confirmed two new positive cases of the CCP virus and these two cases are both employees from the China Roulei Food Comprehensive Research Center. Liu, an employee and one of the positive cases, went to conduct food inspecting sampling at numerous wholesale markets in Shandong and Qingdao from Beijing on May 29 and returned to Beijing on June 2. From June 3 to the 8th, he visited six large wholesale markets to conduct the same inspection samplings on food. On June 9, he started to feel unwell. Mr. Song from Beijing said: “The confirmed case from Beijing went to the Farmers’ Market here in Pinggu District which closed and locked down temporarily. The market was closed for a long period of time during the epidemic but 0reopened about a month ago. Now this time the market is closed again because it is said that the confirmed case came in close contact with many people while in the market.” On the afternoon of June 12, many businesses were closed temporarily in the Farmers’ Market and on June 11, a person tested positive for the virus from Xicheng District who had visited Xin Fa-Di Market several times. On June 13, a group of armed officers were deployed to lock down the market, and the adjacent communities were locked down as well, with ambulances coming and leaving. Resident Mr. Liu from Beijing said: “Schools were supposed to resume, but now it has to be postponed for a while in a situation like this.” After consecutive cases have been confirmed, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced on June 12 that it would suspend the resuming classes for first, second, and third graders in elementary schools on June 15, and suspend the resumption of offline classes and group activities by off-campus training organizations.