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A Struggle for Wuhan Residents to Survive

2020-04-04 17:03
When the Chinese regime pushes people to return to work, it continues boasting about being able to contain the virus. However, people in Wuhan understand the true nature of the regime's lies while trying to survive during this catastrophe. The situation in Wuhan is so desperate that one resident said he would rather have the CCP continue lying about there being ‘zero new cases,’ and opening up the city, than keeping it locked up. Wuhan residents have been struggling for months now, unable to make an income, and relying on sparse donations. - Reporter: Regardless of the confirmed cases or suspected infections, there are no reports. What do you think of that? Mr. Gao: We prefer there to be no reports so that the lockdown can be over sooner. The situation is too unbearable. Our main concern is to regain our freedom as soon as possible to be able to survive. So we prefer that they continue to lie by reporting zero new infections. That way they will remove the lockdown sooner. Without the lies, Wuhan will continue to be locked down. We have nothing to eat, and no job, but we've got to survive. Between contracting a virus and survival, which one is important? Survival is more important. Report: But lifting the lockdown will cause wider infections. It's also unbearable. Mr. Gao: We either die from the virus or we die from starvation. We'll starve to death if we are stuck at home. We'll die from the infection if we go out. Either way, we'll die. I'd rather die from the virus. I don't want to starve to death. I have to try to make a living for myself. We have no government. The regime will not give us money for basic expenditures. We have no extra savings. No cash. There are still utility bills and mortgages to pay. Many people have loans, but no money. For over two months, there's no help from the regime, how can you survive? Our monthly earnings could only maintain the minimum needs. For two months, there are no earnings. How can we keep living like this? Especially to the people in Wuhan, it is said that there are donations from the entire nation, supplied to us. No, we’re not getting anything! Donated fruits? No! Donated veggies? No. Donated oil, rice? No! Zero! But we have bills to pay. We have no other option but to purchase highly-priced produce, rice, and oil. We have to buy them to feed ourselves. Where's the money? No money. That means death. There's no money to buy anything. So, I'd prefer if the regime continues making phony statements of zero cases. The sooner they lift the lockdown, the sooner we'll be able to make some money on our own. It's better than starving to death. Reporter: There was news about many people starving to death at home. Mr. Gao: Not many, there's no report of that now. I have seen a couple of cases. Not many of them, but it did happen. In my community, it was announced that they would go door-to-door to check people’s temperatures every day. People from the community staff came three times so far. They did not check my temperature. The first time they came to book vegetables for us, but we had to pay ourselves. The second time was to deliver rice. But I fell asleep, and it was after 9 p.m. I fell asleep and did not get the rice. It's been 59 days since the lockdown, and only once did I enjoy eating a fish provided by the regime. The third time they came to ask if I had registered for the health code. That's about it in my community.