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Wuhan Residents Still Face Risks of Infection After Partial Lift of Lockdown

2020-04-09 17:59
Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province Residents of Wuhan, the epicenter of the CCP virus, were allowed to leave their residential buildings and use public transportation on March 23 after two months of strict lockdown. However, locals soon discovered they are still at high risk of being infected with the virus. - Man: All passengers on the bus were transferred to this ambulance and are now being taken away. Explanation: It’s likely that one of the passengers was found to have developed a fever. A similar incident happened on another bus. Man: They found a person suspected to be infected with the virus on the bus. All passengers on the bus will have to be quarantined. There is a patient who has a fever. Everyone has to get off the bus. Man: Which bus is it? I mean, which bus number? Got it. It is bus No. 351. Man: Didn’t you tell us that we are all fine now? Why are you locking our community again? Staff: We found someone with a "red" health barcode (confirmed or suspected patients) who... Man: Ah? Staff: Someone with a “red” health barcode just ran away. Man: Ran away? So should we be locked indoors again? Man: We are forbidden to enter or leave now. We are finished, guys! Chinese authorities have started using health barcodes that are classified into three different colors to identify a person’s health risk level. Red indicates a person who is confirmed or suspected to be infected with the virus. Yellow indicates a person who has come into contact with a confirmed or suspected patient. Green indicates a person who has a low risk of having any contact with a confirmed or suspected patient.