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A Patient Whose Only Symptom Was Stomach Ache Diagnosed with CCP Virus

2020-03-23 21:47
Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province WeChat text message: Driver:I am under quarantine. His Friend: Do you have a fever? Watch Our YouTube Channel the Epoch Times for More CCP Virus Videos - Driver: I took a patient to a hospital yesterday who had a stomach ache. He did not have any coronavirus-related symptoms, but he was tested positive for COVID-19 today. All of us who had come into contact with him have been placed under quarantine. Driver’s friend: You have to spend 14 days, that is, two weeks, in isolation! Driver: Yes, we are having very bad luck! Two drivers and community staff, all of us are under quarantine now. Damn it! Driver’s friend: How could he not have any (coronavirus) symptoms? Does that mean stomach pain is also one of the symptoms of COVID-19? Driver: He does not have COVID-19 related symptoms. He suddenly had stomach pain. He said he had been staying inside the building and had not been out for days. Who would know that he had been infected! Driver’s friend: That really sounds scary. I think he must have got infected when going downstairs to do something. It’s impossible that he got infected when staying at home. Driver: That’s what he said. What can we do? He said he basically stayed at home, except for going downstairs to pick up food that had been delivered. Then he had a stomach pain yesterday. Today he was confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19 Driver’s friend: When did this happen? Driver: I took this patient to a hospital yesterday. He was confirmed to be infected today. Driver’s friend: He must have got infected when going downstairs. I guess the virus came from the food, or on the delivery box, or bags. Driver: I think so too. We are the most unlucky people. We are now under quarantine after he was confirmed, and we also need to go through the nucleic acid CCP virus gene sequencing test. - A research paper on CCP virus published by China’s medical experts on Feb. 28 revealed that nearly 50 percent of patients do not experience fever and some have gastrointestinal symptoms. However, Chinese medical authorities have never widely alerted the public of these new findings. If everyone was aware of the various CCP virus symptoms, they would have taken precautions to better protect themselves.