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0501-V5-169-Canadian Senator- The Pandemic Creates a Series of Calls on China’s Accountability

2020-05-06 23:27
The CCP virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, first originated in Wuhan, China. Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up and mishandling of the outbreak, the entire world is now suffering from this pandemic. Former Canadian Minister of Environment and Member of Parliament, Peter Kent, pointed out that this pandemic is pushing the international community to hold China accountable for the crisis, and called on the other world leaders to stop tolerating the evil deeds of the Chinese Communist regime. Peter Kent: “The countries that have been dishonestly dealt with China in the past, but who now have had the terrible consequences of the virus.” Presently, the international community demands compensation from China, and the former Canadian member of the Parliament, Peter Kent, believed that this is the result of the lies told by the CCP. Peter Kent: “We still need to have the world, the international community, and the democracies come together and impose on the communist regime and accounting for what they have done finally. And again, the spark is the cruelty of this international tragedy of COVID-19 (CCP virus).” Kent believes that the democratic countries need to unite together to fight against the CCP like they did when they fought against the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This is the way to dismantle an authoritarian regime. Peter Kent: “In terms of international trade, if you do not respect a fair deal then we will not trade with you. The international community has to ask questions in international forums at the United Nations and at the World Health Organization. The democracies have to work together and bring to the consciousness of those in power in Beijing that the world will no longer tolerate this belligerent, imperial, brutal human rights abusing member of the international community.” Being the Minister Shadow Cabinet of the opposition party, Kent criticizes the Liberal Party for being lenient in dealing with the CCP. He believes that Canada needs to review its relationship with China and to implement the Magnitsky Act to sanction those Chinese officials who commit human rights abuses. Kent: “They say we have to maintain relations. They need to maintain relations by talking truth and talking honestly, and not pandering to a bully.”