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Massive Layoffs in China Since Late March

2020-04-17 20:43
Many Chinese companies resumed operations in mid-February. According to videos released online, a large number of companies ran into financial troubles and announced layoffs in the past two weeks. This is especially true for those export-oriented manufacturing factories. No more purchase orders from the United States and European countries. Employees resumed work on March 3, but received a notice on March 21 that their final day is March 23. - Date: March 21, 2020 Man: Make necessary preparations for yourself. Our boss will transfer part of the business to his Xinghai Corporation. - Date: Around March 22, 2020 Man in the background: There is no work as there are no purchase orders. Even the boss is at a loss. - In a garment factory, employees were told to stop work half-way through their working day. - Date: Around March 23, 2020 Speaker: All, silence please. I have an announcement to make. - Date: Around March 24, 2020 Woman in the background: As for how the layoff package and compensation is calculated, it is all specified in the public notice. If you have any complaints, you can check the labor law and consult with legal professionals. - Date: Around March 25, 2020 Man in the background: Vacation now! We resumed work less than a month ago, now we are to have a three-month vacation. What will our future be? - Date: Around April 2, 2020 Man in the background: We rushed to resume the business, but in less than a month, everyone is told to go home and take a vacation. - Date: Around April 2, 2020 Man: I have an announcement to make. Because of the epidemic, our company is facing a lot of difficulties. We are now having financial problems. I hope you will be understanding. I will arrange for the financial manager to have your last payment ready this afternoon. I do hope you will be understanding. - A foreign trade factory in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province went bankrupt. Employees line up to get their layoff package.