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2,300 views • October 30, 2021

霍爾的移動城堡(人生的旋轉木馬+世界的約束) 宮崎駿動畫 久石讓 cello cover 大提琴版本 『cover by YoYo Cello』【經典動畫系列】

吳登凱YoYo Cello
Merry Go Round of Life+世界の約束 (from Howl's Moving Castle) Joe Hisaishi Howl's Moving Castle ハウルの動く城 這是演奏選自霍爾的移動城堡的兩首經典曲目,用純鋼琴跟大提琴的編制演奏這部宮崎駿經典的動畫,希望大家會喜歡 《霍爾的移動城堡》(日文片名: ハウルの動く城)是宮崎駿所執導於2004年所推出的動畫電影,它是根據英國作家Diana Wynne Jones於1986年所寫的小說Howl’s Moving Castle所改編而成,這也是宮崎駿最喜歡的一部作品。 這部動畫的音樂也是由久石讓編曲製作,前面的部分演奏得稍微比較輕快,跟後面的作品形成一個不同的感覺。 樂譜可參考:https://shopee.tw/product/63198466/13739712789/ 喜歡我的影片可以幫我點讚留言分享喔!別忘記要訂閱我喔! 吳登凱YoYo Cello 如果您有餘力,請贊助我讓我有更多資源去做出更好的音樂分享給更多人欣賞! (歐付寶支付) https://payment.opay.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/BCAFF9E9D687672949A6A3D73A281151 PayPal: https://paypal.me/wuyoyocello?locale.x=zh_TW 或是透過銀行轉帳 國泰世華(013) 戶名:吳登凱 帳號:115506188182 非常謝謝您的支持! If you have spare time / more resources, please sponsor me so that I have more resources to make better music! (Opay pays): https://payment.opay.tw/Broadcaster/Donate/BCAFF9E9D687672949A6A3D73A281151 PayPal: https://paypal.me/wuyoyocello?locale.x=zh_TW or Transfer bank Cathay United Bank(013) Name:DENGKAI WU SWIFT CODE:UWCBTWTP Account NO:115087073299. (For USD) Thank you ! 大提琴Cello : 吳登凱YoYo 鋼琴Piano:蔡馥伃 攝影剪輯Photographer & Editor : Santon.W 目前沒意外的話每週六晚上八點半固定更新影片! 如果喜歡我的影片 記得幫我分享訂閱 並且打開🔔訂閱通知 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAFginbPWv3Mvu_CZLJyMuw/?sub_confirmation=1 更多 吳登凱 YoYo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoyo_cello/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/吳登凱Wu-Deng-KaiYoYo-2078457269042638/ 各式演出邀約請私訊instagram或email我的信箱: yoyo132365@yahoo.com.tw 《Howl's Moving Castle》 is an animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and launched in 2004. It is adapted from the novel 《Howl's Moving Castle》 written by British writer Diana Wynne Jones in 1986. It is also Hayao Miyazaki's favorite work. The film describes a world where full of magic and technology. A kind but lack of self-confidence girl Sophie is accosted by the soldiers. A handsome tall guy extricates Sophie from the crisis, He is Howl. This incident aroused the envy of the witch, so she cast a spell and turned Sophie into a 90 year old woman. In order to find out the way to solve the magic, Sophie left her hometown. Inadvertently, she entered Howl's mobile castle and became a cleaning woman. There, she met the fire demon Cassifa, who is in charge of controlling the castle. Cassifa told Sophie that he and Howl agreed to exchange magic for Howl ‘s heart. If this agreement was broken, Cassifa would be free and Sophie could regain her youth Howl is often called up to fight for the country because of his powerful magic. Actually he hates war but had no choice. Due to the excessive use of magic and the pull between heart and reality, he is gradually unable to do what he wants. The castle supported by magic also begins to collapse. Howl is trapped in the castle. He is expecting someone to save him someday, and the person he is waiting for is Sophie Sophie, as a cleaning woman in the castle, she turned the originally violent castle into peace because of her kindness, for this reason her face slowly returned to youth. Just when the castle fell apart and everyone's life was on the line, Sophie crossed time by relying on the ring that Howl gave her and came to the moment when Howl got the magic when he was a little boy. Sophie realized that Cassifa was a shooting star. Howl made a wish to the shooting star, swallowed the shooting star and took out his heart when he picked it up. Cassifa became Howl ‘s heart which meant that Howl would live a heartless life from that moment on. Sophie, who has fallen in love with Howl, while the moment she was sucked back to the reality she couldn't help shouting: " Howl, Cassifa! I'm Sophie. Wait for me, I'll definitely find you! Wait for me in the future! " Because this agreement with Sophie made the heartless little Howl not lose his way in the future life. The moving castle is also built by Howl waiting for Sophie, but it is gradually fell into disuse of waiting for long, and Sophie has not lived up to Hall's waiting. She turns into a cleaning woman and cleans the castle completely, Howl and Sophie work together to build a new and flying moving castle and live a happy life t
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