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中国の佛教僧がCCP指導者を崇拝する 英語字幕ニュース

2020-11-21 12:09
【英語】Chinese Buddhist Monks Worship CCP Leader Under China's authoritarian regime, a 1000-year-old temple is no longer a place of worship. Instead it's become a place to venerate Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping. The Chinese Communist Party or CCP is undermining Chinese people's freedom of religion. A few days ago, the abbot of a Chinese temple, the Daci’en temple(大慈恩寺)organized for all Buddhist monks to diligently study Xi Jinping's speech from a key Party conference. A monk from the temple told us their study of the speech is to maintain a high degree of alignment with the policies of the regime. “I don't have a lot of experience in this. I will continue to study and deepen my understanding. There are rules in the temple. All activities must be unified. If the temple arranges something, you must actively participate.” The chairman of the Taiwan Tibet Religious Foundation told us that in China state authorities supersedes that of religious monks. “Because in China it is the authority of the regime above all else. Unlike Tibet or India where religious authority overrides secular power.For example, in Thailand the king is very powerful, yet he still bows in front of monks When he meets them.It's like this in India and it was like this in Tibet before as well.” China's Daci’en temple is located in northern China's Xi'an city. It's a world-famous Buddhist temple with a history of more than 1300 years.